Thursday, 29 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Stencilled Tea Tray

Another easy peasy makeover. This manky old tray was hanging around doing nothing and so it was chosen to be reinvented through the medium of paint. I used a hard wearing oil based paint, leftover from painting the cupboards in the caravan.

It needed a good couple of days to dry completely and then I used the homemade butterfly stencil (originally created here for cushion stencilling) with some silver paint and it came out beautifully. I still need to varnish it though.

I’m really pleased with it, so much so, I’m dreading its virgin voyage as a tea cup stabiliser as the others halfs reputation for spilling tea is somewhat tainted. Imagine my shock and surprise after straightening out the bed clothes one evening only to find an entire mug of red bush tea sloshed not only over the bedding but the bed itself and the duvet we sleep on. That corner of the bed still resembles a haphazardly cleaned up crime scene. Turns out that beautiful red in red bush tea is surprisingly stubborn.

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