Monday, 12 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Stencilled Butterfly Cushions

As we are spending more and more time in the van in the evenings (can you believe we're pulling the curtains at 7.30pm?!), I have been looking out for lime green cushions to make one side of the bed more like a comfy sofa setup. However it would appear that lime green is no longer fashionable at the moment as none of the shops are stocking this cheery colour. And then I stumbled upon these gorgeous cushions here at Shanty2Chic (well worth a look for crafty projects) and decided I would have a go at creating my own.

I bought a couple of cream cushions for £4 each and thought I would create my own stencils to save a little money, which turned out to be super easy. I googled 'butterfly stencil' and chose two that I loved and then blew them up to A4 size.

After printing them out, I laminated them to make them more sturdy and reusable too. I love laminating. If anything sits on my desk for more than a minute, I laminate it. What's that? You need an emergency sign to display outside? I'm there! Anyway... then I cut out the stencil as carefully as I could, which obviously meant a few slips here and there, but luckily no fingers went missing. I then dabbed on the fabric paint over the stencil with a chunky children's paint brush (the brush was chunky not the children it was marketed to), because they are better for dabbing, not so good when you need a smooth, brush stroke free finish though.

Taking the stencil away once you've finished painting is so exciting - there's that anticipation that you might have completely fudged it up, but also the thrill of seeing the finished project. I tend to lean towards the thrill rather than the anticipation and so often look past the smudges. However this worked out very well, probably because the cushions are textured so are fairly forgiving to begin with.

I am so pleased with the end result, they look so cool in the front window that they may never make it to the bed. But because of that I made sure I coated them in 'anti nibble spray', which basically tastes very wrong and stops the rabbit munching on things he really shouldn't.

Stencilling can become addictive though, I even grabbed an old green pillow off the bed and tried out one of the stencils with a little white spray paint. It turned out ok, kind of had a graffiti feel going on. It looks pretty on the bed though, tying in the butterfly prints at the front. If you don't have access to a laminator, you could always use plastic folders to cut your designs out of. It is so easy to make your own stencils, expect to see a few more projects like this on here in the future!

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