Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Shopping Bag Makeover

The oh so fashionable Hessian shopping bags are great because they are boxy and sturdy and strong. However most of them are labelled up with logos and corporate brands. I found this new one with the tags still on in a Charity Shop for £1, displaying a small logo in the bottom corner, but it was small enough to cover when decorated with spray paint.

After buying some doilies for a recent tea party, I thought I might put a couple to good use as stencils. Since buying the caravan I have come over all shabby chic with the interior, but I still have a little dark side too. So I weighted the ultra-feminine patterns of the doilies with some leftover black spray paint.

If you manage to find a blank bag, it looks really good with just a ring of pattern, however I needed to cover the logo in the corner, so I had to spray the centre of the ring too. I did this in two rounds. First I taped up the bag to just reveal the pattern of the doilies, and then I cut the central ring out of the doilies and sprayed the centres separately.

This was a fun little project for a rainy afternoon and I was lucky enough to have a break in the clouds to take a few snaps afterwards. Of course you could use any pattern as a stencil with the use of a trusty craft knife and any colour spray paint. Layers of different colours would look very cool. I'm chuffed to bits with the outcome of mine and now I have a funky personalised shopping bag. Not sure if it's manly enough for the other half to help out with carrying the bags though.

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