Friday, 2 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Scribble Board

I love a good list. There you go, I’ve admitted it. This is the first step to recovery, except I will never stop making lists! Lists are amazing. Not only do they allow you to record your to do’s alleviating the panic of trying to remember what you needed to actually do, they also offer a massive amount of pleasure with the whole ticking off process when a job is complete. Too much?

So you can imagine that for me to travel without a notepad and pen is a rarity. I may love a good list, but I still have a filthy habit of scrawling notes on various bits of paper within my grasping radius, therefore I created the scribble board – where all my notes and jobs can be kept together. And enjoyably wiped off when complete.

If you’re like me, this will help enormously. I actually made this one for work but you can easily make one for home in the same fashion. Whiteboards can look very boring, but using a frame allows you to personalise your to do list. To make your own, you will need:

·         A frame with its glass intact
·         An image printed to the size of the frame (remember you should make it a block colour or an easy pattern as you will need to read your text over it)
·         Whiteboard marker
·         Tissues/cloth to clean

Simply find and print any image you like, I chose a wall so that it had a cool graffiti feel to it. Remove the back of the frame (use a flat head screwdriver to save your nails) and insert your image (the framer in me from my gap year always insists on taking this opportunity to clean the glass inside, as well as outside).

Reassemble and start scrawling. I use tissues to clean the board at home, but nabbed an unwanted board wiper for my desk at work, which cuts out waste. Beware though, as you may experience a few strange looks from colleagues who get easily confused when they lean round your desk expecting to see a nice shot of the family.

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