Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Chalkboard Fun

Ok, you have half a tin of blackboard paint left over. It’s more exciting than normal paint so its like an itch in the craft cupboard, waiting to be scratched (yes, I have managed to negotiate a craft cupboard in the caravan). I can’t help myself, so I finally caved in and used it all up.

We really wanted somewhere to jot down items for shopping because we can NEVER find a pen and paper in the caravan (another project on the horizons…) but I couldn’t figure out where to put a black board without it looking a little dark in with all the white and sometimes a bit scruffy. And then it hit me – the inside of a cupboard! Our fridge is inside a cupboard, so this was the perfect place to jot notes down.

I had a little help with this one, as the other half has a very steady hand when it comes to smooth finishes, so I sketched the shape I was after and he did a grand job of painting it onto the inside of the cupboard.

The next stage involved weathering the chalkboard as it always looks amazing before scribbles, but we all know its going to become a little mucky with all the wipes of the chalky scrawl, so one way to make it the same all over is to weather it. Do this by applying chalk all over and then washing off with a wet cloth. Mine had a little too much water on, so it looks a little bit dribbly...

Leave to dry and then start doodling on your board. This is perfect for us to jot down groceries and once it was finished, I sat back and admired our new useful addition to the caravan. But there was still a little drop of paint left on the kitchen top which kept distracting me, needless to say I couldn't sit still for long. So I jumped up and started looking around for something else to paint and found this...

Such a simple stone, idly lounging around in one of our plant pots, periodically dusted off to be used as a weight to hold down our napkins. He was unwittingly begging to be painted with chalkboard paint. So, of course, I obliged. And I loved how this turned out just as much as the other painted marvels. If only it was big enough for my lame handwriting to fit on 'you've got something on your chin.'

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