Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Apple Print Bag

Thanks to a little Martha Stewart inspiration, I raided our fruit bowl to decorate a plain cotton bag to be used for laundry in our smaller than small bathroom. This was so easy and so much fun! Simply cut your apple in half, including the stalk. Put some fabric paint in a flat bottomed dish and dab it onto the apple with a thick paint brush.

Then go to town! Well, actually, don't go crazy as it will splodge. But this is the fun part. Carefully place your apple on the fabric (make sure there is newspaper inside the bag so that it doesn't print through to the other side - been there, done that) and squish down hard, rocking the edges and pressing the stalk down too.

Carefully peel it back off and carry on until you have a pattern you like. This took a little while to dry, and it was a blustery day so I had to supervise, but now we have a printed laundry bag to match our colour scheme. Looking back over the posts, this is quite a monotone website... green anyone?

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