Monday, 8 August 2011

Thrill Seeker To Be

Bikes. Hmmm. I’m going to be honest. I’m not a huge fan, which is disappointing to the other half as he rides like a seasoned pro on steroids. I just tend to fall off them, like every trip out. It’s not just when he’s teaching me to go down extraordinarily scary mounds (I would say hills, but I truly would be exaggerating – even roadside curbs make my palms sweaty). But also just stationary, casually waiting for the other half to unlock his bike, he turns round to find me with my face on the pavement. I’m not sure how it happens, it just does.
So the prospect of getting a new bike and starting to cycle to work from the caravan, was exciting, yet at the same time bone tremblingly terrifying. However we found a very nice looking bike off trusty old Ebay, turns out it’s not too shabby to ride.

After a minor setback of forgetting to attach my brake cable, we set out on our virgin voyage to work, full of fear and anticipation. Entirely my fear for my own safety and the other half's anticipation as to whether we would make it there on time given my history of rest stops. Turns out it was AWESOME! It was a beautiful day, sun shining, birds singing, I felt confident on the new bike and we made it there without any stops or incidents in 28 minutes.  Cue smug face and lots of colleagues having to hear 'hey, I cycled to work this morning!'
It also turned out it was pretty much entirely downhill from where the caravan site is. The return trip logistics dawned on me. The smug face was gone. We did not make it home in 28 minutes. Add an hour to that 28 minutes.  And I fell off. But it was only a little falling off, I was straight back on the bike again aided by the image of a glass of wine once we had reached our destination.
When we did finally arrive at the camp site, our bee line for the wine bottle was interrupted by our diligent warden who was unusually relieved to see us. Having seen the car at the site without us all day, she assumed we were dead inside and had commissioned a small committee of fellow campers to help find us.
Lucky we weren’t an hour later or she was calling the police. She seemed to be making up for her difficult day with a few beers now, so we tried to move on quickly after thanking her profusely for keeping an eye out for potential suicides on her site.
And then we opened the door to find the cat was just beginning a weekend long vomiting spree.
So mixed feelings regards riding to work. Saying that, I do love my bike and think it's the best bike I have ever owned, and that the incidents that occur are mainly due to user error.

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