Friday, 5 August 2011

Recipe : Rocky Chunks

You’re moving out of the house and putting everything in storage. What do you do with your surplus food? You create new things to use them up! Just like Rocky Chunks.
We didn’t have the right ingredients for your run of the mill Rocky Road, but not far off so I created something new and oh so sickly good.

As I started to clear out the cupboards, my arms became full of mini marshmallows, Oreo biscuits, various slabs of chocolate (cleverly hidden amongst the mundane baking ingredients to deter the chocoholic other half – baking powder seems to halt his crazed chocolate deprived searching) and a few leftover digestives that had seen better days. I literally put my hands together.

Rocky Chunks is definitely up there with the perfect ratio of speed to make/impress your friends and family. We took the newly created prototype to the neighbours for dinner and we all had the same reaction – large portion please. This was not the way forward. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes AMAZING, but the triple chocolate rush quickly moves into overload territory.  Saying that it didn’t stop me one night going back for more…
Incidentally, who said defrosting a freezer can’t be fun? Try watching two grown men attempt to make their way through the various ice creams before they return to their original state J

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