Friday, 12 August 2011

Recipe : Marrow Cake

A colleague named Clare, for this post we shall call her the Domestic Goddess, recently created a new tase sensation due to an abundance of home grown marrow. Marrow can be a little dull, but after she had worked her magic, she baked something that would appeal to the masses – cake.

We were lucky enough to take part in her mini creation by becoming the guinea pigs of this eye brow raising delight. As the email went round the office, waves of adventurous eaters flocked to her desk with those who might partake in ironing their underwear following tentatively behind.
The first bite was a success as those who tend to run instead of walk to these small office gatherings looked round and smiled and nodded fervently through their cake crumbed mouthfuls. With the approval still continuing as we started back to our desks, the more timid of the team felt secure in the knowledge that it might not in fact taste like marrow. They too were thrilled and within milliseconds, the recipe was bouncing about the office.
So, please find below the recipe for a surprisingly tasty treat.  A big cheer for the Domestic Goddess!

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