Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Recipe : Chunky Herby Pesto

I have always wanted to make pesto from scratch, but it looks quite complicated, not to mention expensive with pine nuts and parmesan included in the ingredients. However, a friend with an abundance of fresh home-grown herbs encouraged me to give it a go, albeit without a blender, a rocky chop and other useful household items.

So from the caravan I used a chopping board, some scissors, a small paring knife and the end of a thermos flask to crush the herbs, plus a little creativity with ingredients I had in the compact caravan cupboard.

Jamie Oliver does a rosemary based pesto sauce in the UK and I felt inspired to not just stick with basil. So I roughly chopped and snipped my favourites basil, rosemary and oregano with sage, a herb I have not used in cooking before (but certainly will again!).
I added the walnuts for a little crunch and just a teeny bit of cheddar cheese to taste (only use the small shaving side of the grater though). The oil made it a lovey consistency and gave it an appetising shine. The herby smell was AMAZING - after each round of chopping herbs we would pass the board round to have a good sniff.

The resulting pesto was chunky and wonderfully herby, we couldn’t wait to serve it up! I buy a rather tasty organic and wheat free three grain bread from the organic section in the supermarket. After a generous spreading of chunky herby pesto on the bread, I layered it with a slice of folded ham, a sprinkling of rocket leaves and grated cheddar, topped with a little black pepper and hey presto (hey pesto, no?)… a very tasty, and healthy, lunchtime snack.

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