Friday, 26 August 2011

Our Little Outdoor Space

When we moved into the last house, we learnt that living opposite a pub ensures that you quickly become the talk of the village. After moving day, we could not walk across the road for a G&T, let alone get in the car, without comments about the amount of plant pots in our possession or the very nice tin chest we own or ‘where did you get that wagon wheel?’ All these comments became a little creepy after a while… along with ‘so, you didn’t go to work today then ’ as well as ‘did you have fun out tobogganing this morning?’ and ‘so you’re thinking of selling the house?’ 

With regards to the latter, we had arranged for the estate agent to visit early in the morning, when the pub wasn’t even open, but sure enough word got out. In fact we had a note posted through our door by one of the villagers within 8 hours of the estate agents leaving saying they may know of somebody who might be interested.

Anyway, I am digressing. The point is we have a lot of potted plants - accumulated after many years of renting and not being able to settle in a garden. A few found freedom once we bought our first house, and you could hear them sigh as they pushed their roots down in defiance of the potted life but as soon as we decided to move again, out the ground they came and were returned to their captive pots amidst groans of retaliation.

So when we moved into the caravan, I know we had a massive expanse of grass and woodland literally at our feet, but I didn’t half miss our potted plants. So, slowly but surely I have been collecting one or two each time we visit the other half’s folks and bringing them back, creating our own small garden out the front of the caravan.

This is what we have so far in the garden, not great pics, but hopefully you can see what a nice place it is in the evenings with the cat and the rabbit running round. The cat is like my sidekick in photo taking - although blind, he aways wants to be where the action's at.

The latest instalment on moving into our new home is that we have been told to sit tight until probably November so why shouldn’t we make the place a little more homely? All this because, after three months, our vendors have still not found anywhere they like. Fingers crossed they have some luck before the camp site closes down for the winter.

I celebrated this news (not sure if the sarcasm comes across in written form) by ordering a ton of wine to be delivered to work and then hit the 70% off clothes sale across the road for warm woollies to make up an emergency autumnal wardrobe. Well, that was my excuse anyway…

And before I forget... Bonjour Marie Jo! J'espère que vous êtes bien. Merci beaucoup pour lire mon blog! Je suis désolé, mais je ne peux pas trouver l'option pour permettre vous traduire le site dans français. Peut-être de temps en temps, je dirai bonjour et écris à quelque chose dans français très pauvre pour vous lire! J'espérais vous voir cette année, peut-être l'année prochaine. À bientôt!

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