Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My New Favourite Thing

As the wet weather cranks up a notch and the mornings become bleak and chilly, my feet need something cheery to keep them toasty and dry. My last wellies died due to overuse, given that we are usually out and about in our free time, and I am a firm believer that puddles are very much not just for kids.

I have already made them a home to help keep the caravan clean inside with the use of an old windbreak pole sawn in half and both ends walloped into the ground. Up turn your wellies and they get to dry naturally without cluttering up your door mats.

So these bad boys (girls?) are the latest welcome addition to the caravan life, bit of a goofy post, but I find them hugely exciting. So bring on the rain, I'm ready. Actually, I'm not, seriously. We've had no sun for ages now. I am kidding just to clarify. Indian summer in September first please. Then bring it on!

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