Thursday, 18 August 2011

Introducing Our Funny Little Family...

Since moving into reduced size accommodation for the foreseeable future, we were expecting a little trouble with the cat and the rabbit. Other than the mildly irritating ‘accident’ on my side of the bed by the astonishingly quick rabbit, and the weekend vomiting spree from the cat, our funny little family seems to be very happy.

The rabbit, a French lop, spends most his time break dancing and eating this new thing called grass and the cat is content to settle in the doorway with the sun on his face and relax a level above the mentalist rodent activity below.
The one who wears the trousers in the family is the cat, a mackerel tabby, dictating that we live in a caravan so we can all stay together. But, he has been my best friend since he fit in the palm of my hand. We adopted him after he was brought into the rescue centre without his tail. Now, as he approaches his 18th birthday, he has only recently matured at a radical speed and nowadays does not have time for childish and energetic rabbits.

As soon as he lost his eyesight due to high blood pressure and his arthritis kicked up a notch, he has become a grumbly old man, but still with a great deal of love to give at meal times oddly enough... His hobbies include searching for laps, sleeping, moving occasionally to adjust his position with the ever moving sunspot and tucking into a bowl of his special ‘old man’ food.
The newest addition to the family is the rabbit. The rabbit is not yet one year old and is still growing - he is almost the size of the cat now and is obsessed with cuddles. However he is also prone to frequent moments of mentally playful outbursts. We rescued him from being beaten up by his brothers – he has a very cool scar on his nose to show his war wounds (plus he was too big for them to sell - the lardy!). 

He is persistent with his attempted cat cuddles, whilst the cat is equally persistent in resisting his advances. The occasional swipe is had but does not seem to deter the rabbit, instead only encourage him further, like it’s a game. Although he is very, very naughty and loves to dance around, as soon as we settle down to watch a film, he knows its quiet time and is happy to snuggle down with the family. So I guess we'll let him stay.

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