Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gloomy Outdoor Living

The other half took a stroll around the site the other evening and took some shots of the gloomy weather we have been experiencing of late. Our surroundings have taken on a spooky, eerie feel reminding us that my second favourite time of year is approaching…Halloween!!!!

I cannot tell you how much I love Halloween. Nope, I have no American blood in me, but I can’t help myself when it comes to celebrating all things spooky. Unfortunately we have no home to decorate to the nines this year, no space to have a fancy dress party so I guess a few natural cobwebs in the caravan will have to suffice. I might make a cape for the rabbit though.

And on another note, if anyone is thinking of getting a caravan and deciding on keeping the bed up, for goodness sake take into account days like these when it’s too wet/cold/windy/gloomy to sit outside. Somewhere to rest your cup of tea and have a game of cards is very much missing in our shack at the moment after the cat broke our last attempt at a table for the front of the van.

The rabbit and I were hanging out the front window goofily waving to the other half, when the cat realised he wanted to get involved too, jumped onto the table just in time for the other half to think ‘aw, what a cute family’ and then the table gives way, the cat slides down to the floor spread eagled, the rabbit thinks he is under attack, sprints out of my arms, scratching my belly as he goes (note to self – must find those nail clippers) and hides under the bed.

As the cat calmly composes himself as though nothing happened, I turn to check the rabbit’s ok and he does his first ever thump – which is hilarious, although it is quite a serious affair from the rabbits perspective. He remains completely motionless and thumps one foot forcefully on the floor. Its so funny. Anyway, that’s why we are without table and so will be constructing mark two this bank holiday weekend.

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