Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Getting a Little Bit Closer

I am very, very lucky to be part of a very, very kind and generous family. Not just on my side, but the other half’s too. For my birthday this year, they all clubbed together to buy me a very, very cool camera after our last attached-at-the-hip pocket camera finally ended its days falling to its doom on the rocks of a rather unobtrusive babbling brook.
However, with the strap firmly around my neck, this new camera is even more amazing and exciting than the last and I have way too much fun getting close to things and trying out all the settings. It's mostly flowers, but also the blind cat (easy), the other half (good fun), the unfortunate Pinko Poon (side achingly hilarious despite our love for him) and the rabbit (I'm struggling as he just thinks it's a 'who can get closer' kinda game). 
I know this post may be a little dull, however I cannot get enough of macro. Simply because I never get to see this amount of detail with my own eyes. So here are a few of my favourites, nothing special but I really like close ups.
Whilst I'm babbling myself, a big shout out to those for the camera for enabling me to document our adventures and a big thank you to my old fogie farties for inspiring my interests in photography (remember those old Super Snaps plastic cameras? Legendary) and encouraging me to write, nonsense as it all is.

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