Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Funky Caravan Becomes Our Home...

Ok, so we are now officially without abode. Our entire home has been packed away into a very accommodating garage, creaking at the seams. Our little cottage is now ready for its new owners and we are well and truly at home in the caravan on the wooded campsite. It didn’t take long to move in. Pants? Check. Wine? Check. Cat and rabbit? Check. Check.

Within minutes of letting the rabbit loose on the grass, our fellow campers were accustomed to the short sharp burst of ‘Boo!’ followed usually by ‘stop that!’ or ‘don’t eat that!’ So things are just like normal. The cat made his transition from one preferred sleeping spot to another very smoothly and occasionally awakes to enquire what Boo is being told off for.

To be true to our style, we don’t tend to do things by standards - we chose to glam up the caravan, making it a little more funky inside and out, only taking two days for it to feel a little more like our home for however long we need to stay. Once our new house is ready for us, provided the van is still intact, we shall have a nice little space to take with us on holidays around the UK. Or we might be spending Christmas in it...

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  1. Hi Zo!
    My name is Laurie and I live in Tennessee, USA.
    I'm creating a blog featuring before and after pics of trailers/caravans. Your work is beautiful and I would be honored to share it on my blog. Of course, your name will be attributed to all the work and I will have a link directing readers to your blog if they would like to explore all of your creations! My blog is brand new but you can see it at Hope to hear from you soon! Laurie


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