Saturday, 6 August 2011

For One Day Only

The other half’s lovely mum has such green fingers, she could be part alien. Her garden is absolutely stunning, but one thing that always impresses me is her ability to grow cacti, but with cherries on top. Well, flowers anyway. How often is it that you see house cacti flower? Not very often, yet remarkably, in their conservatory there always seems to be an exotic new addition to the mostly dormant cacti that dwell there.
We were visiting recently and were lucky enough to be there on the day that this particular cactus was flowering.  The bloom was so beautiful, yet so melancholy because it only lasts for one day and by the evening it was starting to wane. I had my trusted camera with me and managed to document its one day of glory. But it got me thinking. What impression would you get if you just had one day to take in your surroundings?
Would you wake up and think ‘cor, this is pretty good’ or would you count down the minutes until it was over? Of all the places to spend a day, the other half’s folk’s conservatory is not a bad spot, so I guess it was a pretty lucky flower, with an added bonus that there were additional visitors that day to admire it and make a fuss.
If you had one day to experience life, would you be happy to wake up where you are right now? Or would you prefer to be somewhere else? If the answer is somewhere else, maybe it’s time to shake things up. Preferably accompanied by an AC/DC soundtrack. Caravan optional.

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