Friday, 19 August 2011

Crafty DIY : Novelty Glass Lanterns

This is another easy peasy craft post – literally no work required with this one. We really like sitting outdoors each evening as it’s like our dining room outside the caravan (plus we’re lazy and it means making the bed if we want to eat indoors). However, in true British style the weather is not always summerlike, despite it being August, and lately has been a bit drizzly (which we put up with – you might be under-estimating the battle to put the bed away, especially when the rabbit wants to help out) and a bit windy, which is very annoying and less tolerable.

However lighting the lanterns makes it feel a little bit cosier and like we’re on holiday. But we only have two swinging lanterns and all the other candles we brought with us are instantly blown out in the wind. Annoying. But hurricane lamps can be quite costly. So, I scoured the local village shops for bargains on my lunch break and found this assortment of glass vases and a water jug, all for under a fiver.

I simply placed some small church candles inside them and you have some makeshift hurricane lamps, which look pretty novelty and importantly work a treat. So we have a bit more light outside now once it gets dark, which feels ridiculously early these days.

Also on my bargain hunting spree I stumbled upon a tall artificial flower which has a solar LED in the petals. Its sounds incredibly tacky but actually looks very cool lit up at night as you can see. I know, I know - you’re totally judging us – you’re thinking it will be gnomes next…

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