Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Crafty DIY : Hanging Photo Display

Since I can remember, we have always had a photo wall in the home, but in the last house, we didn’t for one reason or another and I really miss it. So I have been wondering if we could have a scaled down version at the caravan. And there I was, waiting in the queue at the post office and there was a Christmas section on sale next to me with those tiny little silver pegs that you can clip Christmas cards up with for only 49p.

Well, in my mind it was meant to be so I set about creating the new photo wall on the caravan door. I bought some hooks, the little pegs which came with silver elastic and printed some mini pictures off in black and white. As the door is open quite a bit, I laminated the images to make them more sturdy and waterproof to last longer in wind and rain. I also used several layers of clear nail varnish to secure the elastic to the hooks.

After that it was just a matter of pegging the laminated photos up and admiring all the happy faces. Instead of a zig zag, you could always just drop the elastic vertically by the side of a door, secure it top and bottom, and then add your photos. It’s a great pick me up for gloomy days remembering your adventures and seeing the silly expressions of people you might not see for a while (Pinky Poon - that's you)!

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