Monday, 15 August 2011

Crafty DIY : Decadent Tree Stump Table

Over the years we have collected various shapes and sizes of tree stumps for differing uses – seating around a pallet wood table, stools outside for potted plants, indoor tables holding funky lamps – all of which we have left natural, perhaps with a covering of yacht varnish if they’re lucky.

Given our new caravanning way of life involving a copious amount of BBQ food, the other half, in slapstick comedy style, clumsily sat down on one of our wooden seats we had brought along from our garden and fell clean through it. Luckily he was unharmed so none of us felt bad for the amount of laughter he had induced.
So, with one seat short, we needed an additional pronto for a small family gathering at ours. Off we go foraging with our water trolley and return successfully with a very handsome stump of wood. Although you may cringe at the thought of painting such a natural beauty, I wanted it to compliment the van and our little garden out the front so I decided to use up some of the metallic silver paint we had left.
I feel it adds a touch of glamour to our caravan spot and after initial disbelief from the other half, he wholeheartedly agrees that it does reflect the light beautifully in the sunshine. When not needed as seating it looks great with a few candles, just out of reach from the candle wax obsessed rabbit. Who said rabbits had delicate stomachs? This one managed to eat an entire scented church candle and still wake up wanting his usual carrot. The fact he woke up was a massive relief, turns out his insides are made of adamantium.

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