Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Crafty DIY : Comfy Cat Bed

Another simple crafty conversion. The cat has been grumbling about the chilly evenings as the caravan bed is so wide that the duvet does not extend to where he wants to sleep, so I thought he needed something to keep him warm at night if he insists on sharing the bed.

I took a simple wooden fruit crate and turned it into a cosy cat bed. A colleague very kindly gave me the box, leftover from one of her farm shop deliveries and I set to work staining the sides with walnut wood stain and then painted the ends with gloss as it would have taken too long to scrape the paper off. Leave it to air for a few days to get rid of any fumes and to ensure it dries thoroughly.

I used an old folded blanket in the base to make it soft enough to entice the old man in. And it actually worked! Which is strange because usually you give a feline buddy a gift and they're more interested in the box it came in. At least I started out with a box.

The best thing about the cat in the box? Our feet are now safe. We have an on-going problem in the middle of the night when we get too warm - we both naturally poke our feet out the side of the bed. If it happens to be where the cat is snoozing, he will inevitably slip into predator mode as he thinks he is under attack. Obviously it's not just the cat that is alarmed. Cat claws in your flesh is pretty horrific at any time of day, but it seems so much worse at 3am through blurry eyes.

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