Monday, 22 August 2011

Crafty DIY : Chalkboard Clock

Whilst we were packing up the house, I put a wall clock by to do up for the caravan, so this weekend I raided my limited collection of craft materials to update it. You can’t really see it, but the clock had lines across the face from where the previous glue stripes had eventually shown through with age, so I gave it a facelift with an old mouse mat cut to size, some chalkboard paint and some chalk which I had found on one of our walks.

We also really needed a clock outside as that’s where we spend most of our time, so because it had a plastic cover, allbeit a little scratched, it was perfect for the job, so it now resides on the inside of the front door. I toyed with the idea of painting the hands white or silver so they stand out, but black looks super cool! Obviously with a chalkboard base, you can choose whatever font you like. I’m afraid mine is rather simple as the chunk of chalk I found was not thin enough to anything fancy with. Still, I like the simplicity.

Clock hands are easy to come by, the cheapest option is to visit a pound store or a charity shop, buy an old clock and you can use the timepiece anywhere, as long as your base it thin enough to take the timepiece. So for example, if you have a favourite piece of driftwood or an old ceramic plate, drill a hole, stick the timepiece in and you have a brand new clock. Which is exactly what I will be doing once we move into our house.

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