Monday, 15 August 2011

Brand Case Study : Crossbones Creations

Occasionally I get the chance to creatively help out friends when they need a new logo or brand identity. Throughout my career in branding, I never get bored of how an image of a company largely dictates the type of customer you attract and how you can directly influence and interact with your target market audience through a strong and memorable brand identity, so I never miss an opportunity to help friends lay good foundations for their business image early on.

This bespoke design was created for Matthew Ralphs who is a very talented writer and publisher in the wonderful world of children’s books. He has a great imagination teamed with a deliciously dark writing style and is lucky enough to be involved in some exciting up-and-coming projects which are action/adventure based stories aimed at older boys. So he needed a logo to brand himself with.

Given that he is young and athletic (despite a severe case of Nutella addiction), lives on a boat, is excited by history and adores his metal music, I knew he needed a strong, but not too serious identity. So for these reasons I felt a pirate theme would work well, and the grungy scratched font (a free font called ‘3 theHard way RMXfenotype’) complimented both his style and that of the specially created skull and crossbones.  The name Crossbones Creations came naturally from the design.
If you are looking for a very talented writer for any projects, let me know what you have in mind and I will forward you his details.

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