Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Beautiful Cottage Garden

We recently visited the other half’s auntie and uncle, who spend their days cultivating a stunning garden which meanders here and there for about quarter of a mile, reminiscent of a guided walk at Kew or Hole Park. The section near the house is classic cottage garden and was in full bloom with an abundance of wildlife lazily exploring the flowers.

We even spotted a grass snake sleeping next to the path, who withstood my shrill sounds of excitement for a brief moment before she slithered off gracefully across the grass.
The beautifully mown pathways are littered with fruit trees, silver birch lined avenues, den worthy log piles and tempting blackberry and raspberry bushes. It is always a delight to explore their garden, however the speed is often hindered by the elderly dog taking a great interest in my leg each time we visit. What can I say? Dogs find me attractive.

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