Friday, 29 July 2011

New Chapter...

Yesterday we exchanged on our little country cottage. We're moving onwards and upwards to a bigger home that needs a little love with a mighty fine garden - compared to what we're used to, we're at risk of losing each other (its still a two bed so cancel your image of a delapidated mansion house).

However... as with most things, it doesn't come easy. Until we are able to move into said property (did I mention the garden?), we are having to move into a rather small, but cosy caravan parked on a delightful woodland site facing the sunset. Accompanied by the elderly, blind and part time grumbly cat and the mentalist, 'eat it before they notice' rabbit.

Sound interesting? It is. Firstly because we pimped said caravan - shabby chic style complete with chandelier and fairy lights (I have a very patient other half). And secondly it's only 13 foot long so for the cat, this might be testing seeing as the rabbit is in love with the cat and sneaks up and lays next to him/under him/on top of him every opportunity he gets. The mildly grumpy old man of a cat doesn’t know he’s a rabbit and because of his lack of eyesight cannot see how ridiculously cute said rabbit is, and so just thinks he’s being attacked. Cue - lots of reassuring/telling off/wine drinking.

So this is the start of our new chapter.

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